Monday, April 4, 2016

Photo Books!

Capture your memories through a timeless photo book!  You're a busy mom or dad - and chances are you have literally thousands of photos of your memories.  The time it takes to go through and select from these hundreds of photos, crop & edit, and design can be a daunting task.

Take the stress away of downloading new and confusing softwares, and sorting through hundreds of pictures.  I will make this as easy for you as possible!  

I specialize in making baby photo and family books.  

For those interested in guest signature books for weddings, wedding photo books, or vacation books please send me a separate message with your specific questions, as some of this information geared toward baby/family books. 

1. I will ask a few questions to understand the vision you have for your book and what your expectations will be:

Some things for you to think about:

  • Would you like to have pre-baby pictures (maternity photos, shower photos)?
  • Who are the key players to add in the book (which specific family members and friends)?
  • What are your color schemes, or do you prefer to look at a palate to see what is available? 
  • Would you like milestones listed and captions?  If so, do you want them on the side, or embedded in the photos?  
There may be a few additional questions along the way, but I try to stay out of your way - after all, you are busy!

2.  I will then start creating the layouts.  Photo books are chronological.  I will create the same layout to use for each new month or chapter page, and then select the best photos that highlight the month. Milestones are added to the new month or chapter page, if you select to use these.  Each layout outside the chapter page will be unique to fit your photos.

Two options for milestones: on the sidebar, or embedded in your photo!  
This client selected not to have milestones and have more focus on photos! 

3.  During my selection of photos, I will look through each photo (including those moments that have a burst of photos that are very similar) and select the best one.

4. I will then do basic editing as needed for each photo (e.g. cropping, improving lighting) to ensure each photo is of the highest quality.

5. Please note, I do not use photoshop.  If you need a specific picture photoshopped, I have a graphic designer I work with that will charge a per-photo fee*.  Due to copyright restrictions, any professional photo cannot be edited in anyway. 
*Each photo edited is a $5 fee

6.  Once the design is completed, I offer to meet with you once for a design review session (1 hour session* per book ordered).  We will meet at a coffee shop in Memorial or Katy.  Design time is 14-21 days per book.  

7.  The purpose of this 1 hour design review session is so you can review each spread, and make any changes.  For example, maybe there are not enough photos with grandparents, or you prefer a different cover photo.   We will make sure you are 100% satisfied with the layouts, photos selected, etc. before we send to print.  As a reminder: if you review each photo in the book, this design review session will likely last 2+ hours (resulting in an additional fee*).  However, be assured before we meet, each picture in the book has been hand selected and edited.  Changes after this review session have an additional cost**.

*Each additional hour is $25 (available in half hour increments).  
**After the design session, every requested change (via email) will result in a $5 per page fee

8.  If you choose to use professional photography in your book, and plan to use it outside of your personal use - you'll need permission from the photographer (I have an example letter you can email your photographer).  Click here for details In other words: if you're going to just keep the book at home for family & friends to see you will be set.  But if you're using it to show clients a copy of your work, you'll need permission from photographer. 

I will pickup (porch pickup is fine) a flash drive from you with all your photos.  I will pick up anywhere in Memorial (77079, 77024, 77055) or Katy.   Photos should be placed in folders by month.  If you would like to have milestones, these should be listed by month (on a Word document is fine).

If you are outside of my area, you can mail a flash drive to me.  Another option is to upload all photos onto Dropbox (having an account is free)!   

The total cost is the price of the Apple book & shipping + $140 design fee*.

As an FYI:  Apple books run $125 for 100 pages for size 8 1/2 x 11.   For larger books, you can expect $190 (13 x 10) for 100 pages.

  • Basic Book Example:  
    • One (8.5 x 11) photo book of 100 pages ($125) + design fee ($140) = YOUR TOTAL: $265.
  • Detailed Design Example:  
    • One (8.5 x 11) photo book of 100 pages ($125) + design fee ($140) + 1 additional hour of design review ($25) + 3 pages changed after design session ($15) + fee for photoshopped pictures ($10) = YOUR TOTAL $315
For clients ordering two or more books at the same time (for example a Year 1 book and Year 2 book, or ordering Year 1 books for 2 different children), the base design fee for the second book is $10 off.   

Returning customers will get $5 off future books. 

Payment for the design is due at the time photos are picked up/mailed.  The remaining costs (Apple book + shipping, any additional design session time, and any photoshopped work) is due at the conclusion of the design session.  

*Family books & baby books only.  For wedding books, guest books, vacation books pricing will vary. 

Word of mouth is the best way to gain new business, so I'd like to offer a bonus to you!

If you send a referral to me, after they order a book and the final payment is made, you will receive $5 off your design fee for your book or future books.  You can receive a total of $15 off the design fee per book!  


I exclusively use Apple products for creating the photo books.  Although the cost of Apple books are more expensive than competitors, they are far superior for the following reasons: 
  • Apple offers a sleek and minimalistic design.  
  • This is a true photo book instead of a "baby" book.  This means there is not clip arts.  And example in a bath time spread, there won't be little animated bubbles around the page, or a graphic clip art of a bright rubber duck in the corner.  This offers more of a timeless design, and keeps your photo book from looking dated.   
  • Ease of Apple software.  The turnaround time would be double (and subsequently a higher cost to you), by using other products.  
  • Finally, the quality is second to none.  With rich print colors and quality materials it is hard to believe that many photos were taken from a phone!